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Vos Fox, also know as VosTheKitsune, formerly as Luca Fox (real name Brian Campbell; born August 9, 1988), is a furry fan who lives in North Carolina, USA.

Fandom involvement[edit]

After playing as many characters on the online MMOSG Furcadia, Vos adopted the name of Luca Fox. After stumbling upon the "real" Luca's LiveJournal, he adopted the name Vos Fox (Vos is the Dutch word for Fox, Latin for "You", and a town in the game Elder Scrolls Three: Morrowind).

He is also a member of the CarolinaFurs.


Vos' character, nicknamed Skittles or Tails, is an effeminate, Emo Kitsune, standing at 5'6" (1.67 meters), with a weight of 142 pounds (64.41 Kilos), with arctic blue eyes, and a lean body.

He is normally seen with his brown/black hair long in front, cut short on the sides and back, and parted off to one side - usually the left. He wears very tight, form-fitting pants (usually female-cut) and shirts. Vos' accessories and piercings tend to include: a left lip and eyebrow piercing (both usually with black studded rings), and multicolored sleeves, usually with a bright color mixed in with black stripes. He often wears eyeliner.

He enjoys listening to a variety of music, including Rock, Indie, Punk, Metal, Metal Core, Thrash, Emo, Acoustic Rock, and Experimental. His favorite foods are tuna, and Chinese food.

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