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Voregotten Realm MUCK is a role-playing MUCK aimed at vore fans.

From the Website[edit]

"This is a Multi-User Chat Kingdom, or MUCK for short, and more exactly a vore-themed MUCK. While there are hundreds of MUCK/MUSH/MUD/MOO around, very few are dedicated to vore or simply got vore playing areas. The vore chat rooms, such as YumChat are great, and it is big fun to play on them, but they have some limitations a MUCK doesn't have; in particular when the number of players on them goes beyond a dozen, it becomes very difficult to role play a good scene in peace... MUCKs do not have this problem, because a MUCK can have hundreds or thousands (for the older ones) different places in which you can RP."
"Voregotten Realm is a role playing vore MUCK, but within these limits (role-playing and vore) there are only very little constraints about what can be RPed on it."


Henri (the owner of the MUCK) is the only wizard, but uses three wizard characters:

  • Merlin - Used for building the MUCK.
  • Morloch - Used to create and control the "official" puppets.
  • One - Used mainly for MUF programming and for fixing players' problems.


  • Jeri - MPI
  • Kaltren - Building
  • Kharlis - Building
  • mazurek - RP & general help
  • Pagan - Player relations