The Peaceful Sultan

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The Peaceful Sultan

The Peaceful Sultan {Japanese: へいわのさるたん (Heiwa no Sarutan) Arabic: سولتن سلميّة.} is a comic series. The Peaceful Sultan an emotional comic about the friendship between an Islamic goat and a Jewish wolf. The comic is written and illustrated by a fifteen year old child on DeviantArt. So far[when?] the comic has over 11-15 pages and everyday a new page is published. It mixes the action/adventure, comedy and yaoi genres.


  • Peace in the Middle East
  • Hajj to Mecca
  • War in India
  • Sora ha Ao


  • Abdul-Nur (أبدول-نور): The main protagonist of the story, Abdul-Nur is a goat that follows the Islamic religion. He used to be abused by his parents until they were killed by Persian Immortal. He hid in the Mount of Olives, then was rescued by a Jewish Wolf named Seth. Together they settled their differences and united Jerusalem.
  • Seth (שֵׁת) Šet: Another main protagonist of the story, Seth is a wolf that follows the Jewish religion. His background life is not mentioned but it is believed that he lost his parents to the christians during the first crusade. Seth met Abdul-Nur in the Mount of Olives, felling pity, Seth invited Abdul-Nur to his apartment. Seth has a very strong relationship with Abdul-Nur, he always prays to god to protect him.

Minor characters[edit]

  • Haani (هني) : The main antagonist of the story, Haani is an alligator that is part of the Persian Immortal and servant of Sultan Saladin. His main quest is to kill all goats and Jews. He is seen in Vol.1 & Vol.2.
  • Triclyde: A minor protagonist, Triclyde is a three headed snake and helps Abdul-Nur and Seth escape from becoming enslaved by the Arab Nation in India. He is seen in Vol.4.
  • Daya: A minor antagonist and protagonist, Daya is a Hindi Serpent, trying to be both loyal to the Muslims but still helping the 'rebels' escape the Islamic Power. He is seen in Vol.3 & Vol.4.


  1. Jaffra - Marchel Khalife (Arabic)
  2. Pocket Full Of Stars - Nine Black Alps (English)
  3. Acchakochhago! - Junko Iwao (Japanese)

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