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Vixine's Characters. Art by Federico, colors by Serena.

Vixine Classic was a comic series "starring a group of adventurers stumbling around in a fantasy world doing the adventurous thing. It was a collection of short stories about the gang, told over 1-5 pages per "episode"." and started in 2002 on Vixine.[1]

The Vixine comic is a softcore series about 5 adventurers: Vixine the vixen warrior, Gloril the rogue ferret, Gonad the barbarian wolf, Buford the mouse mage and Asheer, the dragoness queen. This comic consist on 101 pages of a completed series.

A subscription-based webcomic collaboration by furry artist Federico Panella, furry colorist Serena, and furry writer Martin A. Day.


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