Vixann Blackphox

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Vixann Blackphox (Pain)

Vixann Blackphox (aka Pain) is a character in Extinctioners. She is the sister of Vincent Blackphox.

Vixann is a kitsune, but not in the sense most people would use the word. Shawntae Howard's kitsune, when not living in the Garden of Eden, are somewhat vampiric when it comes to their tails. Each tail a kitsune possesses grants them a different magical power/ability, but once the energy of that power is used up, the tail disappears. To acquire a tail life energy must be obtained. Normally, through natural life experience and aging, a kitsune will acquire a tail on its own, but to accelerate the process, a kitsune may steal the life energy of a member of the opposite sex to acquire a new tail. Of course, doing so will either shorten the life of the other or kill them all together.

Kitsune may acquire a maximum of 9 tails but as their tail number increases, so does the amount of life energy they must either naturally obtain or steal and again, if the energy of that tails magic is used up, it disappears and they must start over again to regain it (one tail is always naturally there).

She made her debut in the Online Extinctioners comic, "Artic Blue".

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