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The fourth iteration of Rika's fursuit, made by Elk Craft.
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Vix N Dwnq, also known as RikaFoxPawzer is a fursuiter, artist, and former YouTuber who lives in Pennsylvania.[1]


Rika considers herself mainly as either a Calico CatDeer or a blue Arctic Fox.[2]


Rika used to run a YouTube channel called "ricafoxelly" or simply Vix N dwnq where she did skits and other random things of that nature. She reached 100,000 subscribers on July 24, 2017[3], making her one of the first, if not the first predominantly fursuiting channels on YouTube to exceed 100,000 subscribers. As of December 2018 she stated that she has lost interest in YouTube and is focusing on her art career. The last video she uploaded was a call for a online "dealers den" where she went onto her twitch for three days and showed off other artists that could be comissioned

VixNdwnq is active on her twitch and has made a video about why she left YouTube also accessible on her YouTube channel.


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