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This article is about the computer game. For other uses, see Vivisector.

Vivisector: Beast Inside is a first person shooter developed by Action Forms (a Kiev, Ukraine based studio) in 2005. It places the player in an Island of Dr. Moreau setting, updated to early 1978. "Soreo Isle" is inhabited by cybernetically enhanced animals and anthropomorphic creatures. The title features an unfolding story and a character upgrade system driven by arcade-style scoring. The player's inventory is culled from the classic FPS arsenal - the M16 and M60 are omnipresent in both human and animal hands, but plasma and Gauss rifles, cannons, and rocket launchers are accounted for as well.

Vivisector is graphically on par with Halo 1. Its physics engine matches Half-Life 2's system, and its methods of drawing damage and gore exceed the viscerality of even Unreal Tournament. Expect to see richly detailed animal skulls, metal girded skeletons, and plenty of dismembered limbs - in fact, the 'vivisection point' system was determined 'too hot for Germany'. Shoot an enemy's modeled armor off piece by piece or disarm him by tearing his gun arm off.

The game is currently awaiting an American release date, though Russian and German copies may be acquired now.


Soreo Isle is divided into three tiers, and as such the creatures come in three variants each: ModBeasts, Humanimals, and OverBrutes.

ModBeasts are nonmorphic animals with obvious cybernetic attachments. The AI is fairly bestial and basic at his level. Each ModBeast has a special short range attack in addition to fangs and claws.

Humanimals are classic anthropomorphs, standing on digitigrade legs and using human weapons. Their AI is advanced, and they will take cover and flank - dangerous in Vivisector's open outdoor segments.

OverBrutes are as nasty as they sound. Hope you're bringing a lot of firepower to this party.

Five base species will appear throughout the game, in the three forms previously mentioned. Hyenas carry a shock attack in ModBeast format and the plasma rifle in Humanimal form, cheetahs attack with fire in the former form and blades in the latter. Big cats pack the M60, wolves the devastating Gauss rifle, and rams the shotgun. Many other creatures will appear, but these are the most common. Enemy humans will carry these armaments and more.

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