Visions of Alius

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Visions of Alius is a roleplaying MU with a setting that "welcomes furry, half-breed and mythical characters along with human, elven, orc and dwarf."[1]

It has been one hundred years since the Tempest War ravaged Alius. Nations collapsed, cities fell under storms of fire and ice, shadow and death. The nations that survived struggled to rebuild, many of their patron gods and goddesses killed in the war. It is a time of darkness and strife. The realm is dangerous and unstable. Magestorms, a fallout from the death of gods, and world changing magic scatter the lands - places where reality was ripped open, and the face of Darkness shrouds the land. Dark forces in the wastes build power and armies prepare to sweep across the world. Welcome friends, welcome heroes, to Visions of Alius.


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