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VirtualFurence is a worldwide furry convention that is hosted online over a free cross-platform game that runs on most PCs and also supports VR, but can be played on a flatscreen as well (this platform is called VRChat). It is not the first online convention, but the first one that accurately remodeled a whole convention center to represent the feeling of actually being at a con.

Founded by Reimajo in early April 2020, a whole team of skilled furries re-created the whole Estrel hotel Berlin over the timespan of 4 month. This was mainly possible since most people were forced to stay at home during the pandemic and had more time than usual. A small part of the world was already public in the beginning and quickly became a go-to place for furries to meet other people.

While the time constraint for this project was extremely small to create such a large world, they also quickly became famous for their exceptional level of detail, even adding physical interactions such as doors, buttons and a mechanical keyboard which is beyond standard for most VR games today.

While also representing the con space of Eurofurence, it is worth noting that this project itself isn't done by Eurofurence itself. They later provided the virtual conspace for Eurofurence Online in 2020, but are aiming to stay independent from a certain one-time con and instead providing a space where people can meet every day and other events (furry or not) can be held there as well, just like in the real hotel. They also started to host their own 2 events, such as a VR dance competition on 22nd August 2020 (9 pm CEST) and a 2-hour talk about their project on 23rd August 2020 (5 pm CEST). It is safe to say that this world was build to last and will bring up more events in the future.

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