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Vince Suzukawa's fursona

Vince Suzukawa is a furry web comic writer/artist and artist (and tax accountant)[1] from Los Angeles, California. He is best known for The Class Menagerie (TCM), a web comic that used to run on Keenspot. His fursona is a fox[1] named Kyle Takamoto.[2]

Since the end of The Class Menagerie, Vince has contributed considerable work to Carpe Diem, a gay-themed drama comic by Graveyard Greg. As of 2004 he had started his own new romantic comedy comic book, i.s.o., after a style similar to TCM, for which he was presented the 2006 Ursa Major Award for Best Anthropomorphic Comic Book.

Later, he started the comic From Russia With Lust on Fur Affinity.

Vince provided illustrations and cover art for Save the Day, by D.J. Fahl.

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