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Vilani (real name Joana Vinha; born July 18th, 1988) is a furry artist from Coimbra, Portugal. She currently lives in Ireland and works with Reptiles and other wild animals.

Vilani started drawing at the age of 13, though her artistic talents didn't really start to emerge until Elementary school, when she became a huge fan of The Lion King 2. Vilani is a self-taught artist, and enjoys a broad range of art, including anime, yiff, furry, and fanart. She first joined the The Lion King Fanart Archive and from there she came into the international Furry Fandom. She became more involved with the fandom in recent years.

She recently started attending European Furry conventions, such as: Eurofurence 25 (2019) and Gdakon (2020).

Fursona and Characters[edit]

Vilani's reference sheet

Her fursona is an african lioness inspired on The Lion King. She changed little over the years, and currently she has a pixie haircut with purple hair. The Fursona has no story or backgroung, since Vilani claims she is everything the artist is

As for her characters, Vilani has a big list of them, but her main characters are DV and Narmoluin (apart from her fursona), which have their own story. A lot of her characters have feral versions (including Vilani), however Vilani states they are all unrelated to the anthro characters. It's common for Vilani to draw comics of her Ocs, however none of them are the official stories so far, especially the ones involving her fursona.

Along withe her many anthro and feral characters, Vilani also has human and humanoid characters from her comic The Dragon and the Lemur.

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