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Viktoria Foxfang (aka Vikie Foxfang) is a furry fan, writer, and DJ from Lenexa, Kansas. Her fursona is a anthro foxcoon (fox/raccoon hybrid) but she has other fursonas she uses, including Loafer (a male donkey), Draconya Spiriteyes (a female dragon), Draconya Lardner (a boar) on Second Life, Kara Yoshi (a dragon/yoshi mix) on Yoshi Corner, and has used various others in the past. She has been to Midwest FurFest twice. once in 2008 and again in 2009

Introduction to the fandom[edit]

She entered the fandom in 2001 after viewing some of Doug Winger's art, and soon joined Raccoon MUCK where she met many furs. She began hanging out with local furs Nikon (who lived there at the time) and Hikaru Katayamma, and later (in 2006) Halfshell and Northpaw.


Fat furries[edit]

Many but not all of Vikie's fursonas are fat, and she can be found in various fat fur groups located around the Internet. She is the administrator of the Fat Anthro Club on DeviantArt. This club is based on a collection of fat furry art, and welcomes any fat furs or any artist that draws "fat fur" and/or "fat anthro" related art.


Using her Loafer fursona, she was also a DJ, hosting Loafer's Fatass Radio Show that aired on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays 8 o'clock Central Time (USA) at Zapp Club in Second Life. Vikie stopped DJing in Spring 2016.


Vikie has written a few songs for Halfshell, such as The Hungry Furries (parody of Ring of Fire), a remake and rendition of Blue's Christmas (parody of Blue Christmas), and co-written with Halfshell, Caught in a Map (parody of Suspicious Minds). In 2012 with Halfshell they recorded a newer version of The Hungry Furries and it was played on Dr. Demento [1] and even made Dr. Demento's Top Ten for, July 2012 (reaching #8).[2]


Vikie has written mini-stories such as: The Tale of Planet Omega 2064, The Birth of Donas Dorna, and Dragonroys Bad Day.

Other Roles[edit]

She was an Admin at one time on Furry 4 Life and still remains friends with Shy Matsi Lupine

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