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Viernes Furry
Host(s) Paco Panda, Koidel Coyote, Apolo, Roni and Targus
Website Not avaible
Update schedule Active (Every two Fridays)
Launch date May 2017
Genre General furry content (Spanish)

Viernes Furry (Furry Friday in English) is a podcast in Spanish produced of Koidel Coyote, Paco Panda, and Apolo since 2017.


The Podcast started as part of the weekly programming of bronies Radio broadcasted from Mexico city. Apolo had the idea to give space to the furry community inside the segment, and along with Koidel coyote, they made the first transmission on May 12, 2017. Shortly after time, Paco Panda joined the program.

The live chat with the listeners was through a Discord server. The name "Viernes furry" was chosen shortly after since because of the first transmissions were made this day of the week.

Two months later, the team decided to migrate to YouTube to have more independence to the radio and a better platform to broadcast content, the first transmission through youtube took place on July 7, 2017, and currently it is still the means by which the program is transmitted, Roni the dog which initially was technical support, joined the podcast team in mid of 2018.

in the middle of the year 2020, Targus Blue Tiger, a member of the organizing team of Confuror (IT manager) joined the podcast.


Viernes furry is aimed to Spanish speaking furry community, offered a space with various content about Mexican and worldwide furry community, some of the most outstanding contents are:

  • Information.
  • Interviews.
  • Anecdotes.
  • Experiences.
  • Especial live transmissions from furry conventions.
  • News about furry community.

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