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Victor Wren is an artist who discovered furry fandom in the mid 80's through belonging to the same Star Trek club as Mark Wallace and meeting Jim Groat who was hawking his comic books at conventions. Other influences were spending time with Phil Morrissey at most of central states conventions in the days before the first ConFurence. Victor was active in the early days of Barr Wars (later renamed The Dallas Brawl with Mel. White as chief spider wrangler), and contributed quite a few pieces to Centaurs Gatherum. Victor also did several illustrations and maps for DAW and BAEN books, as well as illustrations for Bard Games Talislanta world book.

Victor briefly took over publication of Centaurs Gatherum in the early 1990's. Victor's artwork has been featured on the cover of Equine Visions Art magazine in the United States and HastFocus magazine in Sweden, and has won awards at science fiction conventions and mainstream art shows. Victor is married to Lorie Wren and lives just east of Austin, Texas.

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