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Victor D. Tarsus is a 27 year old single Canadian furry author and artist. He has written some fan-fiction contributions, however The Rostok Empire, a furry sci-fi thriller is Victor's own original novel on its way to becoming a published book. The Rostok Empire features a race of furries known as Rostokians who command the largest territory in their galaxy, the Halo Galaxy(note, the Halo Galaxy is in no way related to the Halo game developed by Bungie Studios).

Favourite Furry Works[edit]

Victor Tarsus is fan of a few other furry works which include Chakats. There are others but I am a lazy Canadian right now.

Reference Material(s)[edit]

Currently, all the reference materials that exist for the The Rostok Empire are offline. These documents will shed more light into the The Rostok Empire and the development that went into it. Documents will be available in both html versions and OpenDocument Format downloads for view with in Word Processors that take advantage of the OpenDocument Standard format(ie,

Current Projects[edit]

Currently Victor is working outside the Furry fandom working his way to becoming an Apple Certified Macintosh Hardware Technician through the AppleCare Technician Training Program offered by Apple Inc. However the Rostok Empire has been completed. All that is needed now is a publisher for the book. Victor had originally tinkered with the idea of making the Rostok Empire an open domain release. With all the hard work that was put into the book, Victor has decided to get the book published.

Victor is also beginning the development of a Mac OS X exclusive FPS computer game based on his novel The Rostok Empire known by the working title Project Rostok. The novel is a SCI-FI/Thriller furry novel set hundreds of years in the future and spanning multiple galaxies.

Victor D. Tarsus ran the Alberta Furry Community, which was at the time an online portal with a small but growing community of Canadian furries. When was taken offline at the end of Victor's term with the the host of the site, the Alberta Furry Community was removed as well.

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  • "Victor Here, this site is currently down until further notice. Money was an issue for another 500 dollar 3 year plan with the company that hosted my site." "This is an older, yet still active site of mine hosted on however note that this site has not been updated in at least 2 years. Victor is working hard to revive it, but it may be some time before it is eventually updated. Some key components of the site have been lost, so expect broken links with in the site."