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Vicki Fox is:

  • A female cartoon (anthropomorphic) Red Fox. She is a small town country girl who recently graduated from college. The small town is located in the north Georgia mountains. Being a cartoon character, she shares characteristics of a fox and a human. She is easily identified by her big red hair and always wearing something with a purple colour.
  • A character created by Michael Russell in early 1996. While Michael created the concept of the character, it took the work of his friend, Laura Howell, to eventually solidify Vicki's look and model sheet.
  • The star of the web comic, The World of Vicki Fox. The comic strip features Vicki, friends, and family in simple spice-of-life comedy adventures. The comic strip draws heavily on the style and story elements found in other spice-of-life comic strips such as Luann and For Better or For Worse.
  • The corporate mascot and presence of Vicki Fox Productions Inc. Michael Russell formed the company, Vicki Fox Productions Inc, as an incorporated, for-profit commercial company in the State of Florida. The company provides for licensing and merchandising of the comic strip characters.
  • A puppet used by Michael Russell for entertainment at conventions and for church education. The puppet is a large, "Muppet-style", puppet.
  • A trademark of Vicki Fox Productions Inc. Michael has worked to obtain protection of the name and likeness of Vicki and the cast of the comic strip under US Trademark laws.

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