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Vice is a documentary TV series on TV channel HBO.

Vice and furry[edit]

In season 6, episode 26 Vice included a segment titled Lab Rat Nation.

Vikram Gandhi, Vice correspondent, is the journalist for this piece.

(quote below start at 26th minute of the episode)

Gandhi (narrating): "Robert's roommate, Paul, founded a website that lab rats use to track down studies. He's a bit of celebrity in the world of clinical trials."

(footage of Paul putting on orange and white top with ears (an Anthrowear kigu) with his open laptop in bottom-right corner.)

Gandhi: "So, wow, what's going on here? This is…

(Close-up of laptop screen (with model sheet for fursuit.)

Paul Clough (professional lab rat): "All right, this is gonna be a fur suit I'm gonna have made. It's like a full-body fur suit."

(footage of Paul in kigu, in field with trees in background)

Gandhi: "So, you wanna actually dress up like a rat?"

Paul: "Right, it's to, uh, advertise my website."

(footage of Paul in a blue and white kigu, while in motion)

(interview continues, but about other topics)

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