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Avelacuna, or "ave", is an anthropomorphic artist, represented in her work by the Siberian husky and golden jackal hybrid Verveine, although she has several very personal characters that could be considered fursonas. The name "avelacuna" refers to the person, "Verveine" refers to the dog. Avelacuna prefers to spell her handle with a lowercase "a", though she doesn't object to the capital letter's usage. She tends to refrain from using her real name.

She draws mainly nonmorphic avians and canines due to her adoration of these creatures, but she is capable of depicting a variety of other species.

Avelacuna does not consider herself to be a furry, but rather an inhabitant of the fandom's outskirts.

She does not roleplay anywhere online except for the parody RPG Kingdom of Loathing.

She is an industrial music enthusiast.


Amy Lacour-Delacroix is a psychotic, necrophiliac female gryphon created sometime in 2003 by avelacuna. She first made her appearance in a webcomic, though at that point she was present solely for comic relief.

Amy's backstory was explained soon after her introduction: the murder of her mate, Andor, sparked a series of events that led to her descent into madness. Refusing to accept his death, she was caught exhuming the corpse and sent to a psychiatric institution for containment and treatment. At this time, however, she was not mentally ill, rather emotionally fragile. Exposure to the other patients resulted in psychosomatic "acquiring" of several psychoses, which later manifested themselves as the full-blown illnesses.

In 2004, Amy became the main character of another comic, this time a drama, focusing on her life in a city after escaping from the sanitarium. In this comic, she was revealed to be a shapeshifter, able to take the form of a human and any physical blend between her gryphon and human forms. She had also apparently recovered Andor's carcass and was found to be keeping it in her seedy apartment.

Her gryphonic appearance has changed significantly over the years. Amy was originally presented as rabbit-like in body, with a leonine tail, small front limbs and large hindquarters. She had a giant, almost wing-like off-white, black, and grey crest. Later her crest was reduced to thin, plumacious black feathers and an auricular stripe appeared. At this point in time, her body became more lupine in appearance. As of early 2006, her crest has become a thick mane of black plumes, extending fown her neck and analogous to a wolf's hackles. Her body is now long and lean, with medium limbs and a fluffy tail. Her eyes have always remained ice blue.

In human form, she appears to be a medium-height (about 5'5") human female in her 20s of solid build, though definitely not fat. Her hair is black, wavy, and extending to about her mid-back. She has a long, flexible neck, curved talons on her hands and feet, vestiges of scutellar scales on her arms, the ability to mimic voices with prfect precision, and an obvious furcula rather than unfused clavicles: all avian characteristics she has been unable to eliminate from this form. She always wears a corset and a barbell in her right eyebrow.

A sampling of other characters[edit]

  • Verveine : A female Siberian husky x golden jackal hybrid, not an especially personal character, but avelacuna's depiction of self in her work.
  • Tourniquet : A female gryphon, one of avelacuna's most personal characters
  • Sag√∂djura : A female gryphon, another very personal character
  • Marsillach: A male gryphon, a "guardian"
  • Willow : A female Siberian husky x Alaskan malamute cross and most likely avelacuna's most well-known character, the main character of her now defunct webcomic "The Green Husky"


Verveine is the therian side of anthropomorph artist Avelacuna. She is a young reddish-purple Golden jackal / Siberian husky hybrid with possible Alaskan Malamute ancestry. Verveine is usually depicted in quad form. She does not have an anthropomorphic bipedal form. Other forms she may be depicted as are were, winged, and gryphon.

Verveine's intial form, created in mid-2004, was that of an anthropomorphic, bipedal, vivisected golden jackal/husky cross, light purple and bi-eyed (pale blue right eye, pale green left). Her markings were very simple at this point: traditional "Irish" patterning on her body and a long blaze on her forehead. She also had long, daggerlike retractable steel claws.

Verveine, like her creator, is fairly friendly but extremely shy.

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