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Verbena Pennyfeather is the name of a furry's character in Second Life.


Verbena using a dupe script on avatar heads

Formerly involved with the furry community, Verbena has since been accused of griefing furries instead. [1] [2] [3] [4] The allegations consist of attacks on FurNation Worlds, The Forest, and other furry gatherings.

Numerous abuse reports are said to been filed about these incidents. Specific allegations include the following incidents:[citation needed]

  • Using texture intercept and mirroring programs to extract furry avatars for resale
  • Defrauding FurNation Worlds of over four hundred dollars during fundraisers
  • Masterminding disruption of furry events on Second Life
  • Using group exploits to delete large portions of furry owned areas
  • Using alternate accounts to evade bans
  • Selling bogus items to new furries


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