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Gothyk (also known as Samantha Amalthea or Drazelleverse) is a furry and vore artist who resides in Cheyenne, Wyoming, U.S.A. Her fursona is a mostly gazelle colored and patterned Drazelle (Dragon-gazelle hybrid) with a tattoo over her shoulder blades.

Samantha is Polyamorous, but currently happily with a tiger-dragon partner who otherwise chooses to remain anonymous. Samantha also has (as of December 2019) an eleven-year-old daughter who has become an artist in her own right, who currently runs the YouTube channel "Error and Friends".


Samantha has a large variety of character and worlds created over decades of building stories in her head. To see a small fraction of said character, check the link below.


Samantha's artwork is a variety of vore artwork; including oral vore, anal vore, unbirthing, breast vore, cock vore, ect. ; as well as some start (yet failed) comics, some transformation art, and a variety of different body types.

Currently does weekly instant gratification sketch commission streams every Saturday at Noon MST at

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