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The Vegas Furs was a small furry social group for Las Vegas and the surrounding areas.

Founded by theBunnyMan on July 27th, 2006, then taken over by Cybercoyote on November 1st, 2010, the site is aimed at bringing back together the furry community of Las Vegas and the surrounding cities. The community itself contained many active members in the forums and used to grow quickly, gaining 15 members between the end of Further Confusion 2007 and March 14th, 2007.

It had 112 recorded members as of April 4th, 2010.

The Vegas Furs was one of three geographically significant furry groups in the state of Nevada. The other groups are Northern-Nevada based RenoFurs, and Las Vegas based (DEFUNCT) Sin City Furs.

In March 2015, got shut down due to inactivity from the site owner.

Successive Groups[edit]

The group's Facebook arm is still somewhat active, though the group has largely been succeeded by the NV Furs Telegram group.