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Vee Flames (Philip Lee Gumbel) is a messy-haired cheetah furry artist.


Vee Flames grew up in the desert town of Lancaster, California, U.S.A., about twenty minutes south of the Mojave Desert.

Vee was always a furry, but didn't learn about the fandom until he watched an episode of National Geographic featuring furries. Later, he found out that about half of his friends were furs, but had either been too shy to talk about it or just assumed he knew by the way they acted.

A self-described "gear head", Vee has been active in motorsports since a young age, having received a fondness of machinery from his late father. When not working on or building cars, he can be seen hanging out with his friends or playing videogames on his Xbox 360.

Artistic skills[edit]

Vee is an occasional artist, though he has a hard time focusing and takes time to complete a picture. He also enjoys writing in his spare time, having written a few stories, and animating GIF images. Most of his artwork is displayed on his Fur Affinity page.

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