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Author(s) Administrators: Assimilation, l337Espeon
Founders (WC): Furvy, Chu
Status online
Launch date December 3, 2010 (as
Genre 2ch style art community
Censor NC17 button.png

VeeBooru is a furry image board, art archives and communities in the style of e621,, and other Danbooru-based boards.


VeeBooru was created on December 3, 2010 as, a split of the WildCritters imageboard, by members of the site who were disgruntled with the decision of its leadership to significantly widen the criteria of permitted works.

In March 2013 the site went down for maintenance, but the main page displayed the word "Goodbye"[citation needed] (as of March 19, 2013, the phrase "Fixing things up for improvement, might be a bit, but we will be back!" was displayed).

On April 20th 2014, the site was relaunched under its new name at the domain


VeeBooru specializes in cute chibi, cub, and/or feral furry art, typically of the Japanese style furry art (Kemono) nature. Characters with body types that fall into most of the aforementioned categories are referred to as critters, however the website owners are looking for a nicer term in order to differentiate from the previous website.

Art featuring exclusively adult humans, anthros, taurs, and characters with body types/shapes not considered "critter" are not typically permitted.[citation needed]


While the community itself seems sluggish, the main administration is putting a heavy emphasis on Imageboard web engine development. After scrapping the Ruby on Rails Engine that the previous used to run due to a major exploit found within danbooru, Assimilation and 1337Espeon took it upon themselves to attempt programming an entire web imageboard from scratch based on previous planning made in the past between the two of them. In its alpha stages this php web engine took up the name Drakon. After much thought and effort however, the idea of building from the ground up was proven too burdening of a task, so instead a very early version of gelbooru was used as a base for the new engine, most of its code however was gutted out for custom functionality. Although scrapped for now, most of the Concept Drakon engine's functionality is slowly being ported into the current Veebooru imageboard engine.

Some new functionality that's already been ported into the engine include:

  • Predictive Searching (Or as its called: Tag ESP)
  • Additional Theme Support

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