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Varjak Paw is a children's book by SF Said and illustrated by Dave McKean.


Varjak Paw is a small Mesopotamian Blue kitten who lives with his family in the Contessa's house on the hill. When a large gentlemen and two mysterious black cats enter the house, Varjak and his grandfather, Elder Paw, know something is wrong. The family is split apart, leaving Varjak to embark on a quest to the city for help. Using a form of secret cat martial arts called "The Way of Jalal," handed down from his ancestor, the kitten must make his way through the city and overcome obstacles such as angry dogs, gangs of cats, and the mysterious "Vanishings."


  • Varjak Paw, a young kitten
  • Jalal, Varjak's ancestor and a great warrior
  • Holly, a friend whom Varjak meets Outside
  • Tam, Holly's good friend who is constantly preoccupied with food
  • Elder Paw, Varjak's grandfather and one of the few who remembers The Way of Jalal
  • Sally Bones, the mysterious white cat who lords over the West Side
  • Ginger, the ruler of the East Side
  • The Contessa, the old woman who owns Varjak's home
  • The Gentleman, a mysterious man who appears one day at the Contessa's house

SF Said is not known to have commented in the similarities between the names of the book's characters and those in the film Breakfast at Tiffany's.


In March of 2006, The Jim Henson Company announced plans to adapt the book as an animated feature film. The book's illustrator Dave McKean will direct.[1]



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