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Vani, also known as Luxebytes, stripesandteeth, sogaykingu, and formerly as Vanillakitsune (current name London; born March 31st, 1990) is an American freelance artist from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Their current fursona is Lonnie the saber-Luxray. They identify as non-binary and pansexual/demiromantic. Their biggest interest is astrology. They are enrolling Ringling College of Art & Design Alumni as a illustration and visual development artist student.


Various posters and commenters on Artists Beware described waits for commissions from them. One person commented in December 2011, "Vani owes me a commission too, but mine has been on her dA's "to-do list" since October 2006. No, I am not even kidding. It's been over 5 years since I commissioned her."[1] By early June 2012, four posts about her on Artists Beware had been made, [2]. One, posted in March 2012, was marked "resolved" when one of her commissioners sent a Paypal "invoice for the refund and that she would have it by the end of the week. I sent it on the 6th of December. I received the refund 2 weeks later, on the 20th of December, 2011. I commissioned her on the 5th of August, 2009."[3]

On June 3, 2012, Nanook123 posted to Artists Beware:

So the purpose of my post here is to help others be warned before commissioning her online or at a con. Her art is pretty, well done, and balanced. I really enjoy the style, but it's not worth the headache. 2 years have gone by. I don't think I'll ever see the pieces I commissioned from her. I don't want the money back. I want what I paid for. Even if she did it now, it would feel forced. I don't trust her to do what she says she'll do and neither should anyone else. So, Please, don't mark it resolved, because short of a public apology to everyone she owes stuff to, there isn't much else she can do for me. Please mark it as warning. She owes 54 people plus 5 trades.[4]

On June 7, 2012 kkitty23 posted "I've contacted Vani and have had a long discussion about everything that was shared in the recent journal concerning her failure to follow through with work that was owed. I've passed along the incredible advice offered and have managed to come to an arrangement in order to start turning this negative situation around into something positive and hopefully satisfying to those waiting for compensation. [...] For now, I suppose you can think of me as Vani's unofficial PR."[5]

Vani (LiveJournal account named stripesandteeth) commented on the post, including statements

But here I am, finally facing the problem. She expressed to me that you guys would feel better if you got my word on the situation.

I am more than grateful for what she is doing for me, so I'm going to honor that in hopes of redeeming myself and hopefully being able to finally turn things around.[6]



As for plans of actions, I will be updating FA as soon as I get back from Metrocon to update everyone on what I was able to accomplish and will be planning to do. That will be my first course of action to alarm people of what is happening if they don't already know. I will be contacting all of my commissioners to organize a list of people who still want their commissions and people who just want a refund.

After that is accomplished, I will be posting these lists for everyone to see and to be very much aware of. Including a time frame of when people can expect work, wips and when I will be having down time for planned things that will be taking me away from my work. Con/Personal work included.

Then after that, I will finally get to work and follow my schedules I have set.[7]


On July 1, Vani posted to her Fur Affinity journal, "As I promised, here's that journal I said I'd make to announce important updates and what have yous."[8]

On July 5, she posted an update, stating


I am

done contacting everyone[9]



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