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Aaaamory Raven, also known as Aa, Honah Lee, and/or HonahLee is a furry artist and animator with a BFA in Media Arts and Animation.

She works for film and animation studios, as well as occasionally taking commissions for character illustrations, conbadges, LiveJournal icons and similar pieces for the furry community. She is one of the co-authors of the now-defunct online comic The Intolerators.

Aaaamory is the wife of Zlatohrbitek and Tserisa.


Aaaamory Raven is a black dragon (of the peledragon species) with a white mane, large feathered wings, and bright orange eyes. Though her species mainly resides underground, Aaaamory uses a volcano as her gateway to the earth's surface. She is a shapeshifter and often takes the form of a raven.

Honah Lee is Aaaamory's daughter, a brown furry dragon with a purple comb; she is also Aaaamory's most well-known character. The mammalian aspects of this character were vaguely inspired by the luck dragon Falcor in The Neverending Story. The name Honah Lee comes from the lyrics to the song, Puff the Magic Dragon.

Did you know?: Aa, pronounced, "ah-ah," is a type of lava which forms a rough rock when it cools. The string of a's in Aaaamory's name are pronounced in staccato, similar to the Hawaiian pronunciation for "aa." The Icelandic name for this type of lava is "apalhraun."

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