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Vancouver Area Furs (also known as VAF) was a group of furries and a mailing list in the Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada area. A splinter group from vfur, it was created in 2001[1] as a place for more 'covert' furs to connect and hang out. The group became defunct between 2008 May[2] and 2012 February, but furries who were in the group still hang out.[3]


  1. vaf yahoogroup webpage said "Founded: Dec 27, 2001", archived by Internet Archive's Wayback Machine on 2008 May 28.
  2. Wayback Machine's latest archive of furry vaf Yahoogroup was archived 2008 May 28.
  3. What is status of VAF? thread at BC Furry Community Board which says non-furry vaf Yahoogroup created "Feb 15, 2012"

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