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Motley the Wolf.
Api the Dutch Angel Dragon

VampiricIce is a fursuiter and YouTuber blogger who lives in Ironwood, Michigan, USA

Fandom involvement[edit]

VampiricIce feels she has been a furry since the age of ten, but joined the fandom at age twenty-two.


VampiricIce's main fursona is a coyote named Ice, with brown ears, a white belly, brown paws and light blue hair.

Other fursonas[edit]

  • Ringlin - A Bengal tiger that was my first fursona created way back in 2012.
  • Motley - A grey-bodied timber wolf with a white face and red paws. His tail is black with a neon-green tip. Motley the wolf was created by me in 2013.
  • Api - A white and pewter Dutch Angel Dragon created in 2016 from a love of dragons and horses.
  • Koori - A sparklewolf with aqua hair and "gloves and socks" on her paws. She was created in 2014.
  • Paideia - A Maine coon cat that was gifted from British Viper in 2015 with the promise something would be made of her. She will become a half fursuit, half catsuit. Her head will be made by Spirit Wolf Creations. Her tail and bodysuit were made by Jellicle Goodies. Her hand paws and feet paws will be made Fur North Creations.
  • Jasper - Another Maine coon cat that received in a trade in 2017.
  • Mikwam - An Egyptian mau[clarify] that I received in 2017.
  • Berry - A food-inspired horse created in 2018.
  • Mocker, - A Dutch Angel Dragon created in 2018 for the pure heck of it.

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