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Valorn, also known as Valorn Demozay or V, is a fur from Beloit, Wisconsin, USA. He can be found under different avatars or appearances on Second Life, often a black-furred Cabbit or as a black and red Yoni.

Second Life[edit]

Valorn joined Second Life on October 2nd, 2006, but he wasn't able to play until Nov. 12th. When he first started he spent his time in clubs, mostly Rainbow Tiger, FurPleasure and The Ark in FurNation. In late 2006 - early 2007, he found Ryder Manor Island after being mentioned in a journal on Fur Affinity.

He now spends a lot of time on the Ryder Sims, and is also liaison for the Admins of the sims, a position gained due to his previous rental of land within the sims, along with his friendship with head admin of the sims, Becky Nosferatu.

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