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Valleydog 2012 Logo.png
Author(s) Mike Folf
Update schedule Fridays
Launch date April 15, 2011
End Date March 31, 2015
Genre comedy, drama, slice of life, allegory

Valleydog was a webcomic created by Mike Folf, revolved around a teenage coyote adapting to a small, eccentric town in California's Central Valley, and his experience meeting friends in an equally quirky school.


Francis, a young coyote whom has been raised all his life towards professional success, moves with his parents for business reasons, to the small town of Silvercreek, California. His parents enroll him to Picasso, the only charter school in town, with the hopes of reinforcing professionalism into Francis. However, it turns out that the school and the town itself is anything but.


Main characters[edit]

  • Francis Gris - A coyote formerly from Washington, DC. Despite being inherently creative, he has been strictly raised by his to live a professional business life via omission of most artistic leisure from his lifestyle. As a result, he largely appears to be boring and stiff to most.
  • Emily Ruhe - A raccoon and avid photographer. She frequently takes photographs of anyone, largely without notice, and thus secretly has a picture of practically everyone on campus.
  • Lara Crop - A husky who is an obsessed Japanophile. She contains a large collection of Manga books, and aspires to make her own despite not being apt on drawing skills.
  • Sean Feldman - A tiger that while giving off an appearance similar to that of a fit football player, is actually video game-addict whom has never played in any actual sports. He is frequently seen on a laptop or console playing.

Secondary characters[edit]

  • Mr. Gris - Francis' stern Father whom watches out for the slightest hint of his son slipping from a professional behavior. Always donning a suit, his face is often obscured beyond the muzzle.
  • Mr. Duro - A British German Shepherd and one of Picasso's English teachers. He is critically blunt and, at times, rather flamboyant.
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