Vali Swineson

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Vali Swineson. Artwork commisioned from Ekigyuu.

Vali Swineson is a fat furry artist within the furry fandom. He became active in the furry community and started submitting artwork in the fall of 2005 and continues to contribute into the present. Since his emergence within the community, Swineson has experimented with other genres of furry artwork, including muscle furry, inflation, transformation, violence, and a comic "music video" on one occasion. In addition he is responsible for several pieces of furry fiction. Sexual themes are present in both the artwork and fiction.

Wolfner, the alter-ego of Vali. Artwork commisioned from Ekigyuu.

The artist has two primary characters: Vali Swineson, a 350 lb boar, and Wolfner, a 600 lb bodybuilding wolf. The characters are alter egos of their creator, capable of transforming into one another by the use of a "magic collar." The two are often depicted as the bisection of paradigm character in some of the creator's fictional works, either through magical means, or an instance of dissociative identity disorder.

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