Valeigha Iogori

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Valeigha Iogori the "voodoo" kangaroo-gal is a mystical character in the Macropod Madness comic by Kelvin the Lion.

Valeigha's roller-coaster magic life started during school. Having begun to experiment with magic, she took the easy way of gaining a boyfriend by transforming S.K. Roodriver from a rat into a kangaroo. As a result S.K. wanted to avoid Valeigha and move on with his life; this left Valeigha heartbroken. She turned to sinister black magic which included voodoo and creativity with monsters such as Meatbunny. When Valeigha found S.K. was dating Jenna Grape, she plotted trouble on any possible new girlfriend of S.K. These plots backfired on her.

Valeigha's black magic ways caught up with her at the new Macropodia water-park, when she poured a potion into a water-slide. The potion caused S.K. to retro-transform back into a rat, and he disappeared down a swimming pool drain. Valeigha feared that she had killed the one she loved. In bed that night she cried a pool of black liquid, a manifestation of black magic, that would release itself when black magic consequences takes its toll.

Since then, Valeigha knew she needed to turn over a new leaf. Going to an institution of white magic allowed her to sober up, and eventually come home to fall in love with a new 'roo in S.K., who was alive and well.

Valeigha had a new enemy to deal with: Andrea the dingo. Andrea was an affiliate of the black magic wizards, who also wanted to threaten Valeigha.

Nevertheless, Valeigha has since learned that black magic never pays.