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Valcyrie, also known as Val (born in the north of Scotland), is a female furry artist[1] who who lives in Sweden.[2] She was previously known as Venghze and changed her username to Valcyrie during the spring of 2015.


Valcyrie is a pansexual and demisexual female with a certain fondness for Hermaphrodites. Valcyrie is also an open polyamorous person. She is mated to Draco Solis, whom she met on, and ValiaMoonseer whom she met through Solis. The three currently form a triad, sharing affection between the three of them. After this formation, which is still going strong, Valcyrie became friends with benefits with a young man known as Zarukh, something that later bloomed into a full relationship.

Religious and political views[edit]

Valcyrie is a Otherkin Pagan, describing her beliefs as a mixture of Shamanism, Wicca and D:Druidism.

Valcyrie is a "through-and-through liberal socialist"; meaning that she doesn't care what another person think and do at all, as long as the person in question doesn't hurt someone else in any way, combined with a general liking for socialism and social security, with the generic Scandinavian welfare system as a basic idea. She is also active in the Pirate movement.

Fandom involvement[edit]

Valcyrie first showed up on Yiffstar (now SoFurry) on 2005, describing herself as a heterosexual human male. Her original fursona was a grey Arctic wolf named Wolfy. She mostly enjoys scaley art, but also general furry art.

She found her way to in the spring of 2007. Valcyrie lurked on Herpy for three years before taking the decision to sign up on February 20, 2010, describing herself as a bisexual male red Western Dragon. Valcyrie turned out to be a good role-player and devoted herself to many role-playing activities. In 2015, she changed sona's to her current one, admitting her real sex after settling into the community.

Six months after joining Herpy, she was offered moderator status in the former Windows Live's Herpy member's chatroom by, at the the time, chatroom administrator AlientKnight. Half a year later she was offered the position of administrator, starting two new chatrooms. She held this position until the closure of the service.

On December 28, 2011, she became the moderator of the role-playing and games section on Herpy's forums, adding additional resources for users such as starting an RP school for new role-players.

On July 6, 2016, after the original site's sudden shutdown, Valcyrie created a new website and community for the displaced members, creating, which hosts the same original gallery of scaley art.


Valcyrie's fursona (or "Scalezona") is a black and grey western anthromorphic dragon, calling herself Valcyrie Battlemaiden. She is 5' 3" tall and she has a long, thin muzzle, glasses, silver pentacle and silvery hair. Her element is water. A feral version, dubbed "Feral Val" is a highly instinctive version that seems at odds with the normally cordial anthro.


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