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A VTuber, or virtual YouTuber, is an online entertainer who uses a virtual avatar generated using computer graphics and real-time motion capture software or technology. VTubing originated in Japan in the mid-2010s, and by the early-2020s has become an international online phenomenon[1]. Despite "YouTuber" being part of the original term, VTubers can be found on several other platforms other than YouTube (such as Twitch).

The terms PNGTuber and GIFTuber are sometimes applied to those who use simple graphical avatars, in comparison to VTubers who use rigged models.

VTubing and furry[edit]

VTubing has become a common means for furry content creators to represent themselves as their fursonas or original characters when streaming. Some furries, such as Kris Yim and Mic the Microphone, have achieved an audience outside of the furry fandom as VTubers.

As a result, and coinciding with the popularity of VRChat, a cottage industry for artists and 3D modelers to produce custom avatars has become more prevalent within the furry fandom.

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