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VPN, also known as Enzo, is an Italian anthro artist.

He is the creator of the furry global community project, Project Nakti.

Fandom involvement[edit]

VPN has been involved in the furry fandom since 2009, when he opened his first profile on DeviantArt, using as a main character an anthropomorphic female cat called Yeesha Barkas, an electronic music composer. During that year, most of VPN's works were generic artworks of Yeesha and her activity of composer, and he still wasn't involved into adult art. The major twist arrived when he created a character for a failed fanfiction project, Queen Kaliendra, a canid-dragoness hybrid. Formerly called Queen Kaliendra I, he later revised her and begun to refine her style and sketched early details about her personality. His activity as an anthro artist continued until 2010 and in this period, he dropped the character of Yeesha Barkas to embrace the one of Kaliendra, and expanded her universe with the creation of her husband, Prince Faad. It also was in 2010 (although some early attempts were already done in the late 2009) when he begun to work on adult artworks.

Soon after that, he went on a hiatus due to personal issues, but his involvement into the fandom didn't stop. He kept refining the character of Kaliendra and severed any kind of ties were between her and the failed fanfiction project, making her a unique character. So, from 2010 to the summer of 2014, no activity of VPN has been seen in the fandom, but he spent those years at developing a new universe for Kaliendra, along with the creation of new characters that would be part of her "court".

In the summer 2014, VPN opened a profile on Inkbunny, where he begun to upload new artworks of Kaliendra. The characters underwent a major redesign and it also was the first time he mentioned the universe where she lives, Planet Nakti, and begun to write journal posts about the universe and Kaliendra's homeland, the Kingdom of Abun, including facts about their cultures, religions and customs. Soon after that, a small following gathered around his work and some people also begun to create fan art and writings of Kaliendra and Nakti.

The birth of Project Nakti[edit]

Things went forward slowly since at those times, the development of planet Nakti was basically led by one person and a couple of "fans" who helped him in the creation of the world. However, the project officially kickstarted in April 2015, when he posted a thread in the Furaffinity forums, asking people if someone would like to join his project. Soon after that thread, dozens of people joined his team and the Project Nakti was born. Currently, Project Nakti, a community-driven furry universe, has 37 people working on it, and a Wiki where all the contributions are uploaded.

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