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VCL Horrors was a LiveJournal community that was originally created in 2004 under the name   vcl_horrors and was dedicated to critiquing, mocking and generally gaping at the more extreme uploads at the VCL - extreme either in the sense of an extreme topic, a regular fetish taken to extremes, or just extremely bad art. Popular topics included macro, vore and hermaphrodite pictures, as well as any sort of non-mainstream pornography, or "angsty" and "cutting" pictures.

A standard post consists of direct links to VCL artwork with separate annotation on just what was horrific about the artwork. The artwork and artists involved are typically derided by members in the comments. Posts about a particular artist sometimes featured links to their gallery or other works, as well as the particular artwork that prompted the post.

However, community rules do, in fact, prohibit snark directed towards amateur art and specifically warns against both bashing artists directly or 'picking on' specific artists by repeatedly posting their uploads.

The community was owned and maintained by BigBadMod, an account controlled by Iatro, IndigoFox, Skwerl, Jade Sparrow, Thrack, and Exodite Dragon. Since the original account's deletion, a new community has been made that is moderated by Banrai and Jirlae.


While the community is mainly composed of non-artists, it includes a handful of artists, a few of whom have had their work featured in the group.

The community has also suffered an inaccurate "anti-furry" label. However, most (if not all) of the regular posters are members of the fandom.


At one point, VCL administrator Ch'marr blocked linking to the site from the VCL Horrors community. Some VCL artists posted "hate art" directed at the community.

The community also sparked many arguments about the VCL's art submission policies, and attracted a variety of high-profile artists' (such as Chris Sawyer) complaints within the community's journal itself.

The First End[edit]

On March 18, 2006, the community was deleted with no warning. Many members were confused, and a "backup" community (   vcl_snark) was founded in its place. Many people left comments on Sian Silverhair's LiveJournal, believing that as a prominent poster, she knew what had happened. However this was not the case, and upon sending an email to the community owner, BigBadMod, her visitors learned that because too many people had broken the rules, the community had been put under a "time-out".

On March 22, 2006, the community was undeleted, but had been put under pre-moderation. No moderation was actually done for an entire week, and the lack of new posts led to more confusion.

For a period of time thereafter, the community was set back to user-moderation. However, on August 28, 2006, it was again placed under permanent pre-moderation review, with BBM citing a clear disdain for the rules by the membership.

Shortly thereafter, on September 7, 2006, the community was permanently deleted along with the other _Horrors communities (and the BigBadMod account) by Exodite.


VCL Horrors soon resurfaced on September 9, 2006, under the name   VCLhorrors. It was lesser-known than its parent counterpart, however it was still a frequently posted to community. The moderators were Banrai and Jirlae. Sometime in early 2008, the vclhorrors community was deleted. On March 18, 2008 it was noted that trying to view vclhorror LJ community resulted in a "This journal has been deleted and purged" error message.

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