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Latin Vixen

Latin Vixen (also known as Valentina Caicedo) is a furry artist from Cali, Colombia,[1] who resides in Florida, United States. She specializes in creating fursuits, with a wide variety of styles ranging from cartoony to realistic. Her suits often come with glass or toony eyes (or else a cut-out hole for a more realistic look) and can have moving jaws.

Latin Vixen is also a graphic artist, using traditional and digital media. She has made many LiveJournal icons, and is known to take commissions, often selling her creations on Furbid. Many of her fursuits can be seen at conventions and at her web site, MixedCandy. She also made mascot for Russian hockey club "Dynamo-Moscow"" [2] She has an online store at CafePress.

Latin Vixen has made many appearances across the USA at conventions. She was a Guest of Honor at Furry Weekend Atlanta 2004, Furry Connection North 2008,[3] Rocky Mountain Fur Con 2008, and ConFurgence 2014. She was also due to be the GOH at RBW 2008, but had to cancel[4]. Latin Vixen will be the first Guest of Honor of Brasil FurFest, first hotel-based furry convention of Latin America[5].


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