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Utsukushii ("Beauty") is an anthropomorphic snow tigress character from the Kaze: Ghost Warrior pilot episode which was written, produced and made solely by Timothy Albee of Timothy Albee Animation. Utsukushii did not speak verbally in the episode.

Utsukushii is one of Itsua's employees who serves drinks and provides occaisional companionship for Itsua's customers. When Kaze first enters Itsua's tavern, orders a drink, pays with a rather large coin, then sits alone to slowly sip it at a table, Itsua gives Utsukushii a special request to offer her companionship along with the drink. She offers it warmly and gently to Kaze by rubbing his hand, who politely refuses and bows to her to show it is his honor; she mouths what appears to be an expression of understanding "Oh."

Timothy has plans to touch up and re-release the pilot episode; part of his enhancement plans are voice for this character, though no casting has been determined.