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How does one go about removing a subject entry about them on this site?

Personal exclusion vs Blanking[edit]

Hi Yelth, you have recently blanked or removed lots of information from the article Yelth, which was reverted by another editor. If you are Yelth and wish to be excluded from WikiFur, you can request personal exclusion. Note that to remove incorrect or private info, you don't need to request personal exclusion; see alternatives.

Personal information[edit]

I was made aware that both personal and incorrect information was added to this site. Also, since several of my personal career oriented sites were included, I would like to request they be outright removed and noindex included to article in it's entirety.—The preceding unsigned comment was added by Yelth (talkcontribs) .

If you would like to request personal exclusion, please add a temporary note on your Fur Affinity page saying you would like to be removed from WikiFur. This will be taken as proof that you are the person the article is about, and it will then be deleted and locked against further edits.--Higgs Raccoon 10:14, 20 November 2012 (EST)

Note added in FA "bio" as proof of identity. Not requesting blocking, but removal of both incorrect and sensitive material from this site. Listing real name along with personal and career oriented nonart/nonfurry webpages is not necessary for this resource and are to be removed. Location of residence is incorrect. Requesting all information become nonsearchable by webcrawlers as suggested in the alternatives. - Yelth, 11:15, 20 Nov 2012 (EST)

OK, that's fine. I have unlocked the article for now, and inserted the "noindex" tag into it so it should be nonseachable by webcrawlers. Feel free to remove any information which is overly personal, and to correct anything which needs updating. Just keep in mind that mass blanking of the article probably won't go down very well.--Higgs Raccoon 12:28, 20 November 2012 (EST)