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Welcome to WikiFur! Thank you for registering an account. We here at WikiFur look forward to working with you. Let us know if you need any help not already provided. If you would like help creating an article or just editing it, don't hesitate to consult the Furry Book of Style or just contact a administrator. Have a nice day! :-)

Thank you also for your help with the images. However, there was some concern over the nature of the iamges placed in Male and Female. While both pictures were indeed very artistic and well-done, there was concern because both are high-traffic sites (over 200 links each!) Which means there is an increased likelihood of those images popping up in a place where said images aren't entirely welcome (for example, work). I've since replaced them with SFW imagery, but I'd like to thank you for your contributions to Wikifur and hope you continue to help us improve!--Kendricks Redtail 09:22, 2 August 2007 (UTC)

Art Theft[edit]

I'd like to inform you that your art has been stolen. [1] --Equivamp 16:44, 14 May 2011 (EDT)

actually you can't steal art, but you can publish it without permission and without attribution. sheesh, trolls. Deviation reported, attribution inserted, problem resolved. I really shouldn't mind about all the people copying this pic ... --Yamavu 08:12, 11 September 2011 (EDT)