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Furnal Equinox Meeting Notes[edit]

Could you please scan the notes into your computer and then upload them, so we can link to them as a reference? With actual evidence of facts like that, it would be concrete if it is supported by a reference link, so that everyone can see it. SilverserenC 04:10, 28 July 2010 (UTC)

Best I can do is post the official meeting notes from our site, as it stands, the computer copy is on the laptop, all notes were transcribed by me from voice recorder, I cannot give a link to the forum section where the notes are, since it's protected from last year.

Straight Copy/Paste from the forum. Shane.


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Meeting Minutes - 07/20/09 « on: July 22, 2009, 03:41:36 PM » Reply with quote Modify message Remove message Split Topic Members attentending meeting. Meeting officially started at 8:00 p.m. Crassadon,Pakesh_de,Blindsight,Shane,Scani,ShiroTora. Meeting officially ended at 9:30 p.m.

Items Voted on Removal of Dan from concom and staff. Passed. Unanimous Vote Dan as Staff. Vote was (4)No - (1)Yes. Failed. Danruk removed from Concom to staff. Passed. Unanimous Vote. Sparrow removed. *Pro-Forma* Unanimous. Shane Promoted to Secretary. -=Blindsight Abstained from voting due to conflict of interest.=- Vote was (3)Yes - (1)No. Passed. 1 Week trial for people, accepted by 2 members. Passed.

Room's to book Halton/Missisauga/End Room. Aurora room - $350/day Peel Room - Take it or not? - $700(would have to book tables and chairs) We take room posessions from 6 a.m. to 6 a.m.

Layout halton room-zoo/game a-dealer den b-event room1 c-event room2 Aurora room-Fur room $4700/day total Headless room, stand fans and a cooling unit.(talk to suiters on IRC channels about experiences) 4 foot isles are acceptable for dealers room tables. Crassadon checked into it. 16 Table setup. Shiro: $70 for full table for weekend, $40 for half table. Artist tables.

Hotel room rate $129/night - average person might be $139 Crassadon expects $129. - Need to ask if we get any discounts for contracts or room discount for con members. Rooms are Double Beds.

Directors Roles(assignment & Re-assignment) Crassadon wanted to do dance and zoo, running. Help with registration at con. Dance,zoo,masquerade, games co-ordinators needed. PR Handled by Shiro/Scani as a group. Scani handles online Stuff. Shiro handles Personal contacts etc. Proposed Security Chieft contact: ArcticFox/ArcticWolf. Anthrocon staff. Speak to Shiro. Speak to him about how many radio's to use etc.

Insurance Insurance carrier needs to be approached and quotes needed for a $500k plan to cover us. Needs to be 60-90 days before the event for the quote.

Pre-Reg $35 - Door $10 - Pre-reg discount? $25 - 5 month Pre-reg Price

CNTower Usage The Release form information had nothing that stopped us from using the CNTower logo we had in buttons and shirt. Sent(Send) to scani to look at.

Music Crassadon suggested a live band called "Tall Black Girls".

Events Same events for the non-fursuiters as the fusuiters. People were upset at Anthrocon cause the games were all focused on the fursuiters. Games need to be brought/purchased for game room. Card/Board/Video Games. People bring systems etc.

Can't you get a screencap of it from the site? SilverserenC 04:35, 28 July 2010 (UTC)

FE7 20 09.jpg

ScreenCap as Requested.

-Shane Nicholson