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Hello there! let me be the first to welcome you to wikifur! If you can't figire something out, look at help. If that dos'nt help, tell me or GreenReaper (the head admin). : ) cchristian (aka; cchristianJEW on IRC)

Copyrights!  :O[edit]

hello, it looks like you've uploaded some pictues.

I would like to address the following:

  • You did not add any info about the copyright
  • Did she say it was ok? did she say it wasn't? while we can use it under our Fair Use Policy, it's not good to just take a pic if someone wouldn't like it here. so make sure before you upload a pic that the author won't get mad.

anyway's, we aren't mad or annoyed or anything, just wnted you to know. happy editing! : ) cchristian