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Hi there and welcome to the wiki. :) I just wanted to let you know that the image you recently uploaded, Image:Computolioaugust.jpg, needs to be tagged with a copyright tag.

You can find a selection of them here, though you will probably want either Public Domain or GFDL.

Instructions on how to use templates can be found here in case you haven't used them before.

Thank you for your contributions and happy editing! -Nidonocu - talk Nidonocu 23:06, 23 Aug 2005 (UTC)

Shrike's 'lol furryness'... "But SA and SA goons hate Shrike!"[edit]

Yes it's true, so do most furries.

Shrike's recent harrassment towards me and Banrai resulted after he trolled a section of SA: talk:


Banrai San: i changed it

Banrai San: i cant delete it

outoftimeagain: oh, ok

Banrai San: but, as you can see I edited my post to reflect the fact that I got to know you and that you're not really the psychospastic person that you were origionally made out to be.

Banrai San: May I ask who's giving you trouble?

outoftimeagain: Shrike...

Banrai San: I don't know him. :/

outoftimeagain: "jaguars" ...on aim

Banrai San: :/ sorry.

Banrai San: What should I say to hom?

Banrai San: Rather, what exactually is he bothering you about

outoftimeagain: *pastes bottom post*

Jaguars: by the way

Jaguars: theres something I've always wanted to tell you

outoftimeagain: fuck me?

outoftimeagain: sorry kid, i dunno you

Jaguars: yeah thats about it

Jaguars: you took the words out of my mouth

Jaguars: thats all i gotta say

outoftimeagain: for?

Jaguars: for being who you are


Jaguars: whether you know me or not is irrelevant in my opinion, its just something I've wanted to say for awhile now

outoftimeagain: Banrai says different

Jaguars: i don't care what he says

Jaguars: or what any other person says

Jaguars: Not that I don't have feelings, or to imply that what he said has truth to it, but really its irrelevant

outoftimeagain: she

Jaguars: For the longest time I've just really had the urge to tell all the people who I think are shits to go fuck themselves

Banrai: Maybe instead of telling people that *you* don't know personally to go fuck themselves, you should be thinking about taking care of your own pathetic excuse for an existance. After all, you must not have very much of a life when you only apparantly have time to troll innocent people in the internet.

(21:16:40) jaguars: no, he started shit with me awhile back

(21:16:43) jaguars: i didn't troll him

(21:16:46) jaguars: i just never said anything

(21:16:52) jaguars: and i got pissed off tonight

(21:16:57) jaguars: call it an epifany

(21:17:00) jaguars: or what have yoyu

(21:17:13) jaguars: and i know you see him differerntly

(21:17:15) jaguars: thats cool

(21:17:21) Banrai: Whatever shit he started in in the past, doll. Maybe you should find a better way to vent you ranger, than harassing people who did something *le gasp* the past to you.

(21:17:30) jaguars: 1) dont call me doll

(21:17:37) jaguars: 2) its not your business to fuck with

(21:17:44) Banrai: Wow, can you comletely not type a good sentence without hitting enter?

Banrai San: Awww he logged out. :D

outoftimeagain: I never met him

Banrai San: *shrugs* I've no idea who he is.

outoftimeagain: ...a furry!

outoftimeagain: lmao

Banrai San: LOLOL yeah, well

...jeeze man, chill out. I'm sorry if I pissed you off in the past "he started shit with me awhile back", but you haven't explained yourself about 'what happened'.


Could you explain what sort of stupidity you're trying to drag us all into? Use small words, don't confuse yourself any further. --the Shrike 18:11, 11 March 2006 (UTC)

I don't particularly like being namedropped, but I went through and made the mishmash that Mix posted at least readable. I clam no party to this situation, Mix asked me to have a word with the moron, and I did. --Banrai 19:50, 16 Apr 2006


You added “anti-chavs” to SporkMUCK article. Are those “chavs” the “subcultural stereotype fixated on fashions derived from American Hip-Hop (African-American) and Guido (Italian-American) fashions”? (source: wikipedia:Chav) --EarthFurst 20:59, 6 June 2007 (UTC)