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Yeah, I know quite well...[edit]

I know quite well what the purpose of the site is. And I refuse to take my own entry seriously. And I also saw to it that my horrible prose and attacks on the site were restrained entirely to _my_own_ entries. I slandered nobody but myself, I posted no illegal anything.

I figure if people were going to post a wiki page about me, without my permission. I might as well make it memorable.

You have people saying "I am a wolf" on this site, and certainly the greater 'fandom' is loaded with that type. Its just as near-fetched for me to say that I hung out with Zeus and Frank Zappa at the dawn of time.

I refuse to take this with a straight face. I wish to meet the people who would read that entry, and see it as factual, and not a tongue-in-cheek poke at one's self. —The preceding unsigned comment was added by Rdewalt (talkcontribs) .