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Welcome to Wikifur. I'm assuming the image you had uploaded (and which has since been deleted) was intended to be used in the article Manawolf in connection with updates similar to this one. Please be advised that any edits of that nature must be well sourced by references, and there must be a good reason why the information should be publicized on Wikifur. It is not obvious to me that the information qualifies on the second criteria. As for the first, I checked the DVD link from the above-mentioned edit and did not see any clear indication that the person portrayed was Manawolf; it's possible but other them having the same first name (Sarah) I couldn't find anything on the site to make that connection. Even the word 'furry' in the DVD title appears to refer to the actress having never shaved rather than as any sort of reference to the fandom. I didn't see the image uploaded to Wikifur but I'm assuming it was the same one on the DVD cover at the website in the above mentioned edit. Images as overtly pornographic as that one are not allowed here without a VERY good reason.

If you wish to discuss further you are welcome to respond here or in the article's talk page. --mwalimu 19:54, 2 July 2010 (UTC)