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Matthew The Skunk, or Matt for short (real name Matthew Kartanowicz; born April 8, 1993) furry YouTuber (and also Twitch streamer) who is born and raised in Queens, New York, USA, and now living in North Fort Myers, Florida. He has been a part of the furry fandom since mid-2000's when he discovered a website known as DeviantArt.

Fandom involvement[edit]

Matthew first discovered furries when he went too High School and a buddy of his told him about DeviantArt and the many wonders of furry are that lied within that website. Of course when he did become a furry, his sona design was based off his childhood crush, Fifi La Fume and Minty from generation 3 of My Little Pony. Then, everything just sorted went on from there over the years.

Convention attendance[edit]

Megaplex 9 (2010) - Matthew's first ever furry convention in Orlando. Nervous at the time, but excited none the less.

Megaplex 10 (2011) - Second year attending

Megaplex XI (2012) - Third year attending

Megaplex XII (2013) - Fourth Year

Megaplex XIII (2014) - Fifth Year

Megaplex XIV (2015) - Year Six (God, I feel like this whole section could be made into a Harry Potter Book. Please don't hehe)

Megaplex XV (2016) - Year Seven

Megaplex XVI (2017) - Year 8

Megaplex XVII (2018) - Year 9

Megaplex XVIII (2019) - Matt's tenth year of Megaplex (Man time flies...)

Megaplex 2021 (2021) - Had too pass up 2020 cause of Covid, so... yeah

Megaplex 2022 (2022) - Matt's most recent year.

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