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Global Furry Television[edit]

Hello Pawsry! A belated welcome to WikiFur, and a thank-you for your contributions relating to your furry fandom activity. You've obviously noticed our edits by now, which were motivated mainly by the goal of providing an outside perspective - rather than an "in-universe" style - and cutting down on "puff phrases" so as not to mislead the reader. If, for example, a convention had the theme of a "magical wonderland", we'd say just that: it was the theme - rather suggesting that it actually was a magical wonderland.

In your case, it was not clear to us that your "corporation", Global Furry Television, actually is an incorporated body that you "chair" - rather, we believe it to be just yourself (which is true of most fandom journalists, to be honest). As such, and in line with our precedent on coverage of fictional work, the topic was merged into an article on you, Pawsry The Wolf. There are appropriate redirects from the old titles, and the link in {{Broadcasts}} has been retained (as has the edit history) - because it does in fact exist and is providing useful coverage of the fandom.

This isn't a permanent change, and if your news operation continues to expand - especially if the "team" of content contributors becomes a reality; rather than people who've been tangentially involved, e.g. through an interview - I'd expect it to have a separate article once more. For example, Flayrah might have been listed under the article of its founder, Aureth (if WikiFur had existed at the time), or his publishing company; but it quickly expanded, becoming the work of many regular fan journalists and occasional contributors as well as a defined staff (both at a particular time, and over almost two decades of operation) - making it bigger than the one person who made it, and so suitable for separate coverage. --GreenReaper(talk) 13:00, 17 September 2019 (EDT)