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from User talk:Spirou

Spirou stop editing my page, please. You are putting blatantly false information on it. Do it again and I WILL report you to the admins for vandalism.
  • There is the initial stub entry I started on you from a link from another article.
  • An edit to a version by Dmuth
  • ...And a revert to an edit were you were being called a Troll,...

Original entry: "Noitaroproc is a Nonfur who was one of many member of the IRC version of Gayfaggotinc."

Your correction: "Noitaroproc was one of many members of the IRC and LiveJournal versions of Gayfaggotinc. He is also an artist on FurAffinity."

Differences: "is a Nonfur". If you feel this statement is grounds of vandalism, please refer the matter to a Wikifur Admin for resolution. Apologies if entering this data on your entry may have offended you.

Spirou, you have done some great work on WikiFur. However, this edit was inappropriate, both in terms of the actual edit and for its misleading edit summary. I wouldn't normally comment, but you have done this twice before, this last case being the only one in which I think it would have been appropriate. Maybe you felt you had good reasons, but these edits are not "-POV", nor are they "minor edits". They appear to be trying to exclude the edits of other people.
Asserting that someone is a nonfur when they say that they are not appears to be a contradiction in terms, as the very definition of it requires someone to state that they are not a member of the fandom. Noitaroproc has made his position clear with the recent edit so there should be no question over that. Similarly, reverting to a previous version that lacks information present in a previous version (e.g. the existance of and link to FurAffinity galleries, the note about LiveJournal) is not good. It suggests that your prime concern was to restore your favoured version rather than to work with all other contributors to make the best and most informative article possible.
If you do make changes that have the effect of reverting anyting but a trivial vandalism (blanking, garbage, base insults) to any article, please make an effort to examine the article beforehand and include all valid information that has been added along with the assertions that you disagree with. It may be easier to do this if you edit the existing article rather than going back to a previous version and editing that. Understand that NPOV typically means including other people's viewpoints, even if you do disagree with them. :-) --GreenReaper(talk) 07:50, 11 May 2006 (UTC)