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Ok, I signed up so I could say, I /do not/ want to be listed here. It's too much a magnet for trolls and other negative things. Frankly, I'm a bit upset that I was even listed without my permission. You guys should be asking first before makeing articles about folks.

Why? :-)
Trolls can be dealt with. "Other negative things" is a rather nebulous concept. Yes, someone could write something here about people that could be construded as a negative remark. If it is factually accurate, it might even remain, although it could be reworded to remove potential bias. If it isn't, it probably wouldn't last.
As for why we don't go around asking permission because, well, we don't see why we should have to. It's called prior restraint, and in general it's a really bad thing - perhaps less so here, but it's still something we want to avoid. The safeguard for that is mentioned above - we can only speak the truth about people, otherwise it is liable to get removed (and if the person who added it keeps adding it, they're liable to lose access to edit the site).
Of course (and I'm speking generally here, I really don't know you or about you :-), if the truth is damning to readers, that might be rather unfortunate for the person involved, but, well, that's what the person concerned get for their actions. The most negative articles I know about people on this wiki (and other wikis, like Wikipedia) are totally correct, for they are about those people who have done things that are regarded as "bad" by members of the community.
Your request will, of course, be honoured. I just think that you underestimate the ability of a wiki community to collectively resist the sort of thing you refer to. This isn't the Urban Dictionary, after all. *grin* --GreenReaper(talk) 02:58, 25 Aug 2005 (UTC)