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NemFX, normally I don't do this, but I'm gonna tidy up your user info page so it's not a carbon copy of your wiki. Free of charge! ^_^--Kendricks Redtail 02:14, 9 January 2007 (UTC)

Thanks :) Still new to this site, so I accidently wrote the user info thinking it was my wiki. Hopefully my contibutions will help. - NemFX

You don't need to offer links to your DA and FA account. That's what the infoboxes are for, bro.--Kendricks Redtail 02:47, 9 January 2007 (UTC)

They only say I have them though.. Anyways, the boxes get text over them on my computer. This way people can get the direct links :) - NemFX


Hello NemFX,

This is in regards to Image:Eviscerator.jpg. It has not been tagged with a copyright status. This can be a complicated area, so I can try to help if you need any. The Wikipedia Image use policy may give some background, but it isn't policy here.

To deal with this image, there are a few choices:

  • If you are the copyright holder, release it under a free license, for example:
  • If you are asserting that this image is usable under fair use, add an appropriate fair use tag. A very basic summary is that fair use is used for commentary, criticism and review on the image when no free image could be used instead. Some fair use tags are:
    • Logos: {{logo}}
    • Covers: {{Cover}}
    • Comic panels: {{Comic-panel}}
  • If the image is already under a free license, provide information on the license, and tag the image if you can.
  • If you would like the image to be deleted, ask any administrator

To see a list of current copyright tags available on WikiFur, see Category:Image copyright tags If the copyright status is not resolved, the image may be deleted.

Unless you have a question for me specifically, I'd prefer responses on the page for the image. --Rat 01:58, 21 February 2007 (UTC)